Pvc Spandrel for Wall and Ceiling - Engineering - Architecture

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Published on September 15, 2018
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Advantages of Pvc Panels

1. SAVINGS on painting cost
- no need to paint, save on paint & labor expenses
- many designs available
2. SAVINGS on electricity!
- it has insulation property due to air-pockets, savings on your high aircon bills
3. Light-weight & easy to install
4. Does not corrode like metals.
5. Durable on water-leaks from roof compared to wood & metal
6. Low maintenance
- easy to clean, smooth surface, no need "re-painting"

For quotation please feel free to contact Ms. Darlene at 09661598519 or simply pm me.divyalvarez28@gmail.com

Prices vary on sizes. Best price offer awaits.


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