Methanol - Household Cleaning Products

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Published on May 2, 2020
Modified on February 18, 2021
Published by Joe Dirt
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Description of item

Up for sale is 2.5 liters of Methanol

Content : Methanol

Concentration : 99.98%

Warning : Toxic and Flammable avoid skin and eye contact. Do not ingest. Cannot be shipped.

Uses : can be used to make biodiesel.
can be used to disinfect objects like canned goods.
use gloves and face shield avoid skin and eye contact.

If you buy this product. I will teach you how to make biodiesel from waste cooking oil.

If interested we can meet at Mc Donald's beside Evergotesco Commonwealth in front of the Shell gas station. Shippers will not accept flammable products. Text 09212335405


Metro Manila