chlorine dioxide tablet from China supplier with bulk in stock now - For sale

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Published on November 8, 2019
Modified on May 11, 2020
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clorine dioxide tablet from China supplier with bulk in stock now

chlorine dioxide tablet information

Product Name: Chlorine dioxide
Other Name:Chlorine dioxide tablet,chlorine dioxide powder
Usage:water treatment
CAS: 10049-04-4
MF: ClO2
MW: 67.45
Keyworod:Chlorine dloxide
EINECS: 233-162-8

Chlorine dioxide tablet has the size from 1gram to 20 grams per tablet.
1 gram per tablet is widely use.It could be used as follows:
1. Tools, equipment and pipeline disinfection in food and beverage workshops,
2.Disinfection of work clothes, caps, fabrics, etc.
3.Disinfect air, walls and floors in workshops, warehouses,
4.Disinfection of Garden public facilities
5.Disinfection and reservation of fruits, vegetables and aquatic products
6.Catering industry and hotels for Appliances,textiles etc
7.Disinfection of production process water, secondary water supply and industrial circulating water

chlorine dioxie tablet packing is 25 kg per drum.Also we could do customized packing.

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