Aver Charge and Sync Carts - For sale

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Published on October 7, 2020
Published by Avpro Enterprises
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Description of item

Aver Charge and Sync Carts
AVer classroom device charging carts and cabinets offer Intelligent, convenient and secure charging and storage solutions to manage your classroom and student iPad, Tablet, Chromebook or Laptop devices. With a variety of options from 12 slots, up to 42, you can accommodate any number of students in your class at any given time. With multiple design options including rolling, mobile carts to stackable and mountable cabinets, carts can be moved and shared while cabinets can be positioned or mounted to save valuable classroom space. Most solutions include intelligent charging capabilities which eliminate the potential for under and over charging. Additional AC power outlets offer power for other classroom devices such as document cameras or laptops to utilize the cart or cabinet as another learning and demonstration area. Key lock and padlock options are also available to keep devices secure when they are charging or being stored while not in use

Available model
Aver. C20i PHP 72,000.00
Aver C30u PHP 136,000.00
Aver C36i+ PHP 115,000.00
Aver X42i PHP 131,000.00


Metro Manila