To Smell Or Not To Smell - The Forgotten Sense - Animals

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Published on March 3, 2021
Published by NateClary00
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blog - It's like our bodies want leaded gas but all we have available to feed it is unleaded. Think about this for a minute. Even though there have been tremendous breakthroughs in farming and food technology (much of what we eat today didn't exist in its current form 50 years ago) our bodies have not evolved to keep up with the changes. Just like a car's engine, our body will still run but it will run rough until it quits altogether.

I look forward to seeing you at part 2 of our continuing series on red wine characteristics and varieties. Red wine evokes both romance and mystery. Be sure to visit my food web site and email me your beloved recipes for distribution. Learning about the different red wine vintages and what they bring to your food table will be a great endeavor blogging of ours as well. Matching red wine with great food will be our goal in this series.

It may also help you build muscle and strength.